EDM Awarded a Contract to Manufacture a Digital NX Signalling Simulator for Translink

26 January 2023

EDM Ltd is proud to announce that it has been awarded a contract to manufacture a Digital NX Signalling Simulator for Translink.

The Simulator utilises latest touch screen technology and replicates the functionality of the eNtry-eXit (NX) system and combines EDM’s propriety simulation software, CASCADE (Computer Aided Signalling Control and Design Environment) and extensive experience and knowledge gained in developing Signalling Simulators for over 30 years.

This state-of-the-art simulator will be used to train Translink signallers to practice real-world training scenarios on a familiar track layout (Central and Portadown) within a safe environment, which enhances and transforms Signalling Training, allowing the creation of a diverse range of problems to prepare for stressful and demanding real-world situations.

An instructor’s console is provided for control of the simulation runs and observation of trainee technique, as well as storage and review of simulation runs, with the ability to upload train pathing and the full timetable and be compatible with Translink’s Rail Validation System in various formats.

Throughout training, the instructor can introduce any number of faults into the model to train the signaller (both manually and pre-defined), such as SPAD, TPWS and Alarm Activation, Alarm Failure, Signal Failure, Interlocking Failure, Point/Ground Frame Failure, Communication Failure, Level Crossing Failures and Hazards.

A trainee’s console can simulate both NIR signal cabins; Central, Portadown and the ability to run the full a live timetable. It uses the latest two finger gestures for activating ‘push-pull switches’, two touch rotate gesture for the ‘rotary switches’ and one finger tap gesture for ‘setting reminders’ to enhance realism.

Representations of interlinked simulation software such as WestCAD, Train Describer, Level Crossing Control and Display, Atomic Clock, SPAD Alarm and Telephone Concentrator System will all be simulated as part of the software.

The simulator is expected to be completed and delivered to Translink later this year.

EDM Ltd is committed to delivering a high-quality product that meets the needs of Translink and helps to improve the safety and efficiency of their operations.

EDM Ltd is a leading provider of simulation and training solutions for the rail industry. This contract builds on our strong track record of delivering innovative and effective products for our clients.

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