EDM completes B777 CEET project with All Nippon Airways

25 May 2021

Manchester, UK. EDM, the leading global provider of training simulators to the civil aviation and defense sectors, announced today that our team have successfully completed a project with All Nippon Airways (ANA) having installed their high-fidelity B777 Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer (CEET) at their new, state-of-the-art training center called “ANA Blue Base”.

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Following the news that EDM Ltd were selected to supply ANA with this new CEET, our team in the UK began designing and manufacturing the complex build, incorporating various features that ANA requested be installed in this trainer.

Our B777 trainer features the following:

+ Four fully functional B777 training doors (with simulated malfunctions)

+ General familiarisation with the cabin internal layout including representative interiors and functional towage areas

+ Fully functional galley monuments including powered units and water supply/drainage

+ Representative lavatory cubicles for smoke/fire training, attendant call procedures and door removal

+ Operation of the cabin attendant seats

+ Location and function of indicators and warning placards

+ Operation of the cabin lighting systems

+ Location and stowage of emergency equipment

+ Cabin security and safety procedures

+ Operation after decompression/oxygen mask deployment (in selectable zones) – featuring EDM’s auto-retract and auto-close system

+ Practice in smoke & fire filled cabin drills and procedures (various locations/scenarios)

+ Proficiency Check – Door closing, arming & disarming

+ Simulated flight deck for Flight Deck door access scenarios, Pilot Incapacitation & Communications training

+ Operation of cabin interphone and communication system

+ Operation of CACP panel

+ Full EDM SEPTRE system

The CEET is designed specifically to meet the Buyer’s requirements and to meet the training requirements as defined in the relevant international cabin crew training standards.

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Close attention was paid to the critical dimensions within the cabin such as distances from attendant stations to door open and close handles, indications and warnings, distances to emergency equipment and simulation of other features that underpin the achievement by the crew of critical training objectives.

The CEET is designed for ease of operation from an instructional perspective with particular attention being paid to the speed and ease (efficiency) in which a training scenario can be set up, instigated, de-briefed and repeated via the unique EDM Safety and Emergency Procedures Training Reality Engine (SEPTRE) system.

The B777 CEET was designed and manufactured to be broken up into modules for ease of transport and delivery to this unique facility, entering via an access point in to the second floor.

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EDM were delighted to confirm the Site Acceptance Test at ANA last year which concluded our site work at ANA’s blue base facility. EDM remain committed to supporting ANA through the warranty period and long in to the future as a valued customer.

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About ANA Blue Base

Construction concluded in March 2019 and allowed for partial operation from April 15, 2019. ANA plans for the facility to be both fully operational and open to the public by June 2020.

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“ANA Blue Base represents ANA Group’s firm commitment to improving the quality of the travel experience for all passengers,” said Hiroyuki Kunibu, Senior Vice President of ANA HOLDINGS INC. “We have spared no expense in designing a world-class facility that will house advanced training equipment as well as areas for employees to unwind with their colleagues. Once complete and fully operational, we will be proud to welcome guests to a facility that exemplifies the values our company holds dear.”

It will house training simulators that will provide ANA personnel with the experience they need to appropriately respond to a wide range of potential emergencies. In addition to advanced mixed reality and virtual reality flight simulation technology, the facility is home to a motion mock-up for flight attendants and interactive firefighting training both first in Japan. There will also be door training for emergency situations and a specially designed pool to recreate water landings.

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The facility was given the name “ANA Blue Base” after it was selected by a poll of ANA Group staff. The team aims for the facility to serve as a base that promotes the ANA brand and also as a welcoming place where employees can gather.

For more information on ANA’s Blue Base, visit:

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It has been a great pleasure and honour to work closely with the ANA Project Team to deliver this very high fidelity and unique device which not only provides essential emergency procedural training but also highly representative cabin service training.  This venture demonstrates EDM’s ability to successfully deliver on complex and challenging projects across the globe for the world’s leading airlines.  Thank you to the ANA and EDM Project Teams for their hard-work and dedication throughout”.

Michael Schunke
Senior Project Manager

For more information about ANA visit:

For more information about EDM visit:

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