On Friday, 24th June 2022 EDM Ltd completed the Factory Acceptance test of the final of three Boeing CH-47 Chinook mock-ups.

5 7 月 2022

The CH-47 mock-ups are an accurate representation of the CH-47 and provide the means to practice, develop, and validate low-level Avn and Air skills (mounting/dismounting vehicles and personnel) in a safe and controlled environment, in all weather and at all times of the day.

Designed for ease of operation from an institutional perspective with attention being paid to the speed and efficiency with which a training scenario can be set up, completed, de-briefed and repeated.

To show gratitude for the hard work and dedication of all EDM staff involved on the project, Christopher Lawton, Project Engineer, received a plaque presented by the 16 air Assault Brigade on behalf of EDM.

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