EDM Visit The Japanese Embassy to Attend Talks From Ambassador Hayashi

26 July 2022

Last week we were invited down to the Japanese embassy regarding the revitalisation of the aerospace industry after completing work in the region.

We had a very fruitful conversation with representatives from BAE Systems, Rolls Royce and Airbus. James Bird and Andy Fitzpatrick attended along with Ambassador Hayashi and a large number of Japanese and British government officials, aircraft manufacturing and industry officials.

Participating in the exchange of opinions and business matching between the Japanese and British aircraft manufacturing industry including Japanese Parliament Members; Mr Taku Otsuka and Mr Hiroyuki Miyazawa, and Mr Jeremy Quin, Minister for Defence Procurement .

Ambassador Hayashi said the global security environment is rapidly changing and that trends in the development of digital technologies are progressing.

He also talked about supply chains in the aircraft manufacturing industry, which need to be strengthened and transformed due to these changes.

Ambassador Hayashi anticipates that strengthening relations between Japan and the UK will contribute to the further advancement of this industry.

For example, “through cooperation in fighter aircraft development.”

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