Apprentices Complete Their NVQ Level 3

17 July 2023

EDM Ltd is delighted to celebrate the successful completion of both cohorts of our exceptional mechanical and electrical engineering apprentices! They have achieved their NVQ Level Three and end point assessments, marking a significant milestone in their professional journeys.

Apprentices 1st Day

Their commitment to learning and growth has been commendable, and we are thrilled to witness them seamlessly integrating into our esteemed production teams.

At EDM Ltd we firmly believe in nurturing talent and providing a platform for young engineers to flourish. This milestone not only showcases their remarkable achievements but also symbolises the beginning of an exciting new chapter as they become an integral part of the EDM family.

Congratulations to all the apprentices

Mechanical Apprentices.

Kieran Bridge Jnr Mechanical Fitter (Civil section)

Daniel Green Jnr Mechanical Fiter (Civil section)

Harry Fonseca Jnr Mechanical Fitter (Military section)

Jayden Gill Jnr Mechanical Fitter (Composite/JSF section)

Lewis Young Jnr Mechanical Fitter (Composite/JSF section)

Electrical Apprentices

Lewis Stowell Jnr Electrical Fitter (Civil Electrical section)

Jack Green Jnr Electrical Fitter (Civil Electrical section)

Kien Molloy Jnr Electrical Fitter (Civil Electrical section)

Apprentices Last Day

To the new generation of engineers, we extend our congratulations and our appreciation for your accomplishments. We are confident that you will continue to thrive and contribute significantly to the field of engineering.

Join us in celebrating as we look forward to witnessing their continued growth and success at EDM.


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