Virtual Slide Trainer

EDM’s Virtual Slide Trainer

EDM’s Virtual Slide Trainer provides convenient, virtual slide deployment training for emergency evacuation procedures. Our solution dramatically reduces the significant cost and time associated with physical slide deployment training for airline crew. The Virtual Slide Trainer’s scenarios are selectable at an easy-to-use Instructor Operator Station (IOS), which has been made to ensure users are able to fully utilise all functions on our trainers which include normal training scenarios to full emergency evacuation.

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The Virtual Slide Trainer incorporates high definition projectors to display animated Computer Generated Images (CGI) of various slide deployment scenarios that include full and part inflation of the slide, which can be seen next to airline door fixtures or can be adapted to EDM’s Door Trainers and CEET’s.

Our Virtual Slide Trainer provides cabin crew with a representative training device that seamlessly augments the training provided via the use of simulators equipped with actual training slides. This helps training retention with various on-board cabin crew and personnel when utilizing and conducting such training regimes with teams on these trainers.

These systems can be tailor made to accompany various operations and environments to suite our client’s expectations when looking to address key concerns raised in the event of an emergency with an aircraft.

Key benefits include:

• Realistic viewpoints of external simulator

• Enhances slide deployment training

• Highlight various real-world scenarios

• Configurable slides with various case simulations

• Can be applied with various EDM trainers and simulators

After-Sales Service and Support

EDM has customised the user experience of this virtual slide trainers to suit various training scenarios. The key benefit of this is to add more realism when cabin crew are undergoing training with our simulators.

With this in mind, our team offers a comprehensive after-sales service that helps our customers get direct access to our team for various problem-solving techniques with our dedicated, fully trained and skilled team who can offer various forms or technical support.

To get access to our team, click right here to be directed to our support page where you can link directly to our after-sales team who will be able to help assist you with EDM’s products and services.

We offer these services to help give our global customer base reassurance when purchasing our products and services that all areas regarding their slide trainers are met with the best quality and care we can offer.


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