Ejection Seats / G-Seats

Ejection Seats / G-Seats

Working under licence from Martin Baker Aircraft Company, EDM supplies replica Ejection Seats for a variety of training environments.

The seats can be manufactured to various levels of functionality and fidelity, ranging from full fidelity Maintenance Trainers to partially functional seats for Simulators. EDM’s flight simulator and G-Cueing Ejection Seats and systems are all designed to be retrofitted onto existing flight simulators.

Over the past years, we have developed a refined and robust seat that helps enable its users in getting the best simulated look and feel of being within a given aircraft that can undergo various training areas and scenarios that better retention for potential pilots to gain from.

Flight Simulator Ejection Seats

Flight simulator ejection seats are supplied complete with a number of functional components (ejection systems) that interact with the simulated environment e.g. ejection seat handle pull, harness retraction operation and oxygen regulator operation.

G-Cueing Ejection Seats

These seats enhance standard flight simulator seats and contain numerous dynamic modules to give the pilot real-time motion cues, such as:

Seat pan cushion heave motion

Seat pan cushion roll motion

Shoulder strap/thigh strap tension

Back pad sway motion

Back pad surge motion

Seat height motion

EDM has produced many variants of simulated Ejection Seats and G-Seats, including:

Mk 10A (Tornado)

Mk 10LH (Hawk) Australia/India/Bahrain/India/ South Africa

Mk 10B

Mk 16A (EF Typhoon)

Mk 16B

Mk 16LH (PC-9)

Mk 16LA

Mk T16LF

After-Sales Service and Support

EDM has enlisted various services that go around customer care, service packages and technical support. With this in mind, we have created a system that allows our clients to get in contact with us for any problem-solving queries or troubleshooting questions.

To get in contact with our support team, click right here to direct you to our support page where you can formally send us your requests and one of our dedicated after-sales personnel will get back to you promptly.


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