Virtual Door Trainer

Virtual Door Trainer

EDM’s Virtual Door Trainer or VR Door trainers enables airline cabin crew to quickly learn safety and emergency procedures (SEPs) for aircraft doors in a highly realistic and immersive virtual environment.

To see more on this and others, click on the video below to get an idea of what our VR Door trainers could do to help improve your overall training regimes:

The Virtual Door Trainer can be configured to conduct training on all aircraft types for SEPs and also cabin service and management.

Our team at EDM work with airlines around the world to custom build a virtual environment that is both cohesive and intuitive towards training various personnel around cabin environments how to interact and work with various on-board systems they may encounter throughout an aircraft.

Virtual Reality (VR) training has been proven to improve information retention and recall whilst simplifying complex training scenarios. Suitable for different learning styles and abilities, VR training offers an enjoyable way to learn that allows for higher levels of engagement and understanding.

Key benefits of using these systems includes:

• Immersed 360 airplane surroundings

• Audio feedback

• Responsive features

• Ultra realistic airline presentations

• Improved instrument panel for selecting various options

• Interactive problem solving scenarios

View another video on a VR demo we featured at an exhibition, which includes a tangible door interface so users can actually interact with a physical door within VR:

After-Sales Service and Support

With the use of EDM Ltd’s virtual reality equipment, our clients are now finally able to get the best technology on offer today to enhance their cabin crew training.

These systems are tailor made and can designed to match every cabin environment to allow a better look and feel when in use by cabin staff, which can help better understand and identify key areas located around an aircraft and put certain personnel in situations which would be difficult to manoeuvre in real life.

With all this in mind, our team has developed a means in which our clients can come back to request further support from EDM with our virtual reality equipment to best adapt it to their means.

To access our after-sales support team on our virtual reality simulators, click right here to be sent to the support page where you can access our customer support team who will guide you through various options for you and your airline.

This is just one of the ways that EDM is utilizing some of the best technology available today to help better the virtual reality experience with our customer support team.


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