Specialist Engineering

Specialist Engineering

EDM’s specialist engineering sector can provide world’s leading equipment. Using our in-house capability and experience, we manufacture bespoke precision-engineered components and assemblies for a wide range of industries, spanning aerospace, submarine, sub-sea and research and development.

Using the latest Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technologies, EDM turns and mills precision components from a comprehensive range of materials and uses its state-of-the-art Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) capability to ensure accuracy is achieved on even the most challenging tolerances.

Our specialist engineering services have been used for:

  • Development test rigs for demonstrating airflow within gas turbine engines
  • Test rigs and tooling equipment for subsea and submersible projects
  • Fixture tooling for handling large components during manufacture
  • Design and manufacture of components using exotic material under restricted and quarantine conditions
  • Scale replica and cross-sectioned gas turbine engines for training and marketing purposes and exhibitions

After Sales Service and Support

Throughout the development and lifespan of our products and services, we have identified that our clients want the benefit of having a team dedicated to them when they need both problem shooting queries or looking at general maintenance and repair work.

We have set up an intuitive system that enables our clients with the means to contact us with ease through our support page, which has been designed to use modern day contact features which users can send their messages and get feedback within a given time frame. This all allows our clients to have full control over their technical support delivered by EDM.

To get to our support page, simply click right here and follow the instructions on the page, which will guide you through to our team who will be able to get feedback to you soon.


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