Full Size Replicas

Full Size Replicas

EDM has deep experience in designing and manufacturing Full Size Replicas (FSRs) for training, planning and ergonomics.

FSRs are a unique way to demonstrate a product’s quality and aesthetics. They can be used as educational tools in a visitor center or serve as the centerpiece at an exhibition or conference. They demonstrate concept functionality and operational benefits and can range from low to high fidelity, depending on the project and the customer’s requirements or budget.

An FSR can be a unique engineering tool to help designers incorporate and combine ergonomics, operational qualities, safety, functionality, size and scaling throughout the development process.

EDM can produce FSRs for virtually any product, vehicle or aircraft. Many of these become the design prototype prior to development and manufacture.

Our facility in the United Kingdom has been equipped with modern day technology to better the manufacturing process of our full size replicas. The utilization of our equipment allows our skilled and qualified personnel to truly design and manufacture ultra-realistic replicas based around our clients expectations.

With decades worth of experience and a full team behind your projects, we guarantee the quality associated with our products and services.

After-Sales Service and Support

With our full size replica lineup, we have revolutionized the way in which we manufacture bespoke solutions which are tailored to our clients for these trainers.

We understand the concerns raised by our clients with after sales service and customer care with the lifespan of these products, which is why our team has set up a comprehensive team that will help guide our clients from start to finish.

Our dedicated team of fully trained and qualified support engineers are able to help address any major concerns our clients may have.

To contact one of our after-sales teams, click right here to access our support page where you will be redirected to a secure page where you can send us a message.


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