Real Fire Trainers

Real Fire Trainers

EDM’s Real Fire Trainers or Real Fire Trainers further enhance training realism for airline cabin crew.

Our containerised Real Fire Trainer is based specifically on commercial aircraft for the purpose of training cabin crew in the fighting of live fires on board aircraft.

In accordance with international regulatory standards, EDM’s Real Fire Trainer provides a controlled environment for safe training with fire scenarios including open fires, concealed fires and electrical fires.

EDM’s containerised real fire trainers (RFTs) are based specifically on commercial aircraft for the purpose of training cabin crew in the fighting of live fires.

The use of these real fire trainers can provide various RFT scenarios like:

  • Gally oven fires
  • Lavatory fires
  • Overhead bin fires
  • Under-seat fires
  • Electrical cabinet fires

With all this information in mind, EDM’s fire trainers are both reliable and safe to use, as some of the more important key features of these trainers may include:

  • Configurable for specific training requirements and customer training facility constraints
  • Designed and built to meet international regulatory standards
  • Bespoke instructor operator station (IOS)
  • Standard 2 year warranty and full worldwide service and support.
  • Extinguisher refill station
  • Constructed using quality 304 stainless steel and Corten steel

Control system

All functions are managed by a fully integrated with these fire trainers, centralised control system allowing the highest levels of control and safety management currently available on the market.

From the IOS, the instructor can control every element of the firefighting training:

  • Lighting
  • Door heat pad
  • Glowing embers (waste bin and paper rack independently)
  • Smoke
  • Ventilation
  • Clean burn fires (waste bin and paper rack independently).

Automatic extinguisher refill station

This system allows for automated refilling of up to two extinguishers at a time and will automatically add the correct volume of water and then proceed to pressurise (up to 10bar).

Actual aircraft extinguishers can be customer supplied to EDM and will modify the components to interface with our filling system without affecting the integrity of the extinguishers as pressure vessels.

After-Sales Service and Support

Our team have prepared these fire trainers to be both resilient and robust. This allows our clients to fully utilize them accordingly with various scenarios.

To help with any problem-solving areas and to further support our global customer base, we have brought in our support page to help our clients reach out to use, so that we may help them with our product and services.

To find our after-sales team, click right here to be redirected to our support page where users can access our support team.


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