Why Choose Us


EDM has over 40 years experience delivering industry-leading training simulators to a wide client base across a diverse range of industries including civil aviation, defense and rail. With this unrivaled heritage, you can rely on us to deliver your product on time and on budget.


Our team of committed and highly skilled engineers and craftsmen are the best in the business. We only recruit the finest talent in the industry, ensuring that your product is built to the highest possible standards.

Product Quality

EDM’s products are built to the highest standards in the industry. Design data is sourced from the original equipment manufacturer, which ensures the highest degree of training realism is achieved. We pay particular attention to ensuring that all metals and materials are suitably treated against corrosion and other contaminants, and we fully guarantee the equipment for its intended operational life. We ensure compliance with health and safety standards, with all equipment fully tested and certified to regulatory standards.


We invest in research and development in order to be at the forefront of innovation in the industry. This commitment to continual improvement means our customers can expect the best products available on the market.


We give our team of engineers and craftsmen the best available systems, tools, machinery and equipment they need to build best-in-class products.


We are absolutely committed to providing our customers with the highest levels of aftercare once a product has been delivered. Existing clients consistently rate our support service as ‘Excellent’ as part of our regular feedback process.


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