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18 April 2023

EDM Ltd. is excited to announce its acquisition of SkyPeople, a leading provider of cabin crew training services. The move comes as part of EDM’s efforts to revolutionise the future of cabin crew training in the UK and beyond.

“Having worked with SkyPeople for the past couple of years, I am delighted that they have joined forces with EDM to transform the future for Cabin Crew training in the UK,” said Tony Bermingham, Managing Director of EDM Ltd. “The combination of EDM and SkyPeople’s expertise and resources will allow for a comprehensive, approach to cabin crew training, from design and consultancy to delivery, recruitment, facility supply, and even crewing.”

SkyPeople has a long history of providing high-quality cabin crew training services to airlines, including third-party training to flag-carrying airlines post-pandemic. “For many years SkyPeople have trained cabin crew to CAA and EASA attestation level. In collaboration with EDM, we hope to grow our offering to the airlines to reduce their training costs and transform the delivery of cabin crew training,” said Bermingham.

Shaun Waddingham, Commercial Director of SkyPeople, added, “This joining of forces combines SkyPeople’s renowned depth of training expertise with the world-class facilities of EDM to form a unique one-stop-shop for all aspects of Cabin Crew training, for airlines of any size.” The acquisition of SkyPeople by EDM will undoubtedly help to bring about significant positive change in the world of cabin crew training.

About EDM Ltd

EDM is a leading global provider of training simulators to the civil aviation, defence, rail and other industries. Combining the highest engineering standards with leading-edge technologies, EDM provides airlines with Door Trainers, Cabin Service Trainers, Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers and Full-Size Mock-ups and defence organisations with Procedure Trainers, Maintenance Trainers, Ejection Seats, Simulators, and Full-Size Replicas. Serving organisations worldwide from its UK headquarters, EDM is committed to delivering exceptional quality and value to its clients to help them enhance safety and operational efficiency.

About SkyPeople Training Ltd

SkyPeople is a collection of highly experienced airline specialists with a wealth of experience, a huge catalogue of qualifications, and a common belief in the power of personality as a key training tool. Our key staff have held senior roles in major airlines and have a collective skill set which is diverse and comprehensive.

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