Manchester University aerospace students visit EDM

12 February 2014


A group of Aerospace and Engineering students from Manchester University will be visiting EDM today for an overview of the company and a factory tour. The students, who are members of the University’s Flight Simulation Society, will see demonstrations of EDM’s military and commercial aviation simulators including EDM’s next generation G-cueing Motion Simulator and a B787 Door Trainer.

Mick Bonney, EDM’s Director – Sales & Business Development said:

“We are very pleased to welcome students from the local university especially since there is a common interest in aerospace engineering. EDM is a world leader in precision engineered training and simulation systems. By seeing what we do first-hand, we hope that the visit will prove inspirational and informative for the students.”

Abdullah Desai, President of the Flight Simulation Society said:

“The Flight Simulation Society is excited by the prospect of visiting EDM and we are particularly looking forward to seeing the cockpit demonstrators and full size facsimiles to gain concept ideas for our university project.”

Mick Bonney adds:

“EDM’s G-cueing ejection seat will be the highlight of the factory tour. It is a replica Martin Baker MK 10 pilot seat which EDM has developed for military customers to prepare their pilots for advanced simulated full mission training.”

The G-seat incorporates electric actuators to provide “movement” within various parts of the seat, simulating the movement of the aircraft within the simulated environment. Together with a highly realistic visual system and sound effects, plus the ability to incorporate a simulated anti-g suit, the pilot is immersed  in a very realistic simulated environment.

The actuators within the seat work in a co-ordinated fashion to provide simulated movement aligned to the pilot’s centre of gravity, which in turn is aligned to the aircraft’s primary X,Y and Z axes. The actuators controlled from a complex six-axis flight model that, in real time, calculates simultaneous equations of motion based on the centre of gravity of the pilot within the simulated aircraft model.

EDM plans to showcase this next generation G-cueing Motion Simulator at several military and defence training exhibitions this year – for further information please contact


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