EDM X Tempest Sixth Generation Flying Demonstrator Programme

8 August 2023

Our passion for aviation innovation knows no bounds with EDM being a key supplier to the Tempest sixth generation flying demonstrator program for both test rigs and flying parts. We take immense pride in our integral role in shaping the future of aviation. Tempest is a groundbreaking programme seeking to redefine the boundaries of aerospace technology and BAE SYSTEMS choice to work with EDM is driven by the pursuit of excellence and valuing the support of a subcontractor with ‘One stop shop’ capability. This was further recognised earlier this year with the addition of EDM on the SC10 suppliers register for aircraft machined parts.

Full Mission Simulators

Designed with precision and attention to detail an EDM Full Mission Simulator provides an immersive and realistic training environment for military pilots. The technology ensures skill development and flying techniques without using an actual aircraft, so reducing cost and potential hazards in adjusting to a new type.

Innovative System Development Rigs

EDM’s expertise is showcased is in the development of innovative system development rigs, that include the Tempest Crew Escape Test using a Forebody designed and manufactured at EDM in associated with Martin Baker and BAE SYSTEMS. With a focus on robustness and reliability, our rigs are instrumental in ensuring that every system meets the highest standards of performance, reliability, and safety. EDM can handle sensitive to secret data with the necessary approvals in place offering our customers the choice of subcontracting equipment used in the earliest stages of aircraft development.

Cutting-Edge Engine Duct

The engine inlet duct is a critical component needed to slow air flow from super to subsonic while maintaining a minimal radar signature. EDM manufactured the first 10 metre long Tempest engine inlet duct for testing by Rolls-Royce in late 2022. This involved the manufacturing engineering skills necessary to overcome unforeseen issues in an assembly process conforming to current Typhoon standards and with tough alignment limits. It also involved the mechanical attachment of metallic and composite parts into a very large assembly and dealing with the associated fit and finish requirements.


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